Gong Ceremony has been organised in Borsa Istabul for Integrated Report Prepared Institutes

Rönesans Holding Sustainability Department represented in Integrated Reporting Turkey Network (ERTA) gong ceremony on November 13th, which was established by specialist in integrated reporting Prof. Dr. Güler Aras, Borsa İstanbul, TÜSİAD, TKYD, SKD Turkey, IIRC Turkey Ambassador, Argüden Governance Academy, UN Global Compact Turkey.

The gong ceremony was organized for the 'Integrated Reporting Institutions' in Borsa Istanbul and ERTA (Integrated Reporting Turkey Network) business alliance. Following the gong ceremony, Borsa Istanbul Chairman of the Board Himmet Karadağ said in his opening speech;" ERTA integrated reporting has importance of the right communication for the sustainable development of he emphasized that, and the impact and value of the company will begin with the ability to tell the story correctly.The company's stakeholders, especially the investor, must be able to see the full picture clearly. Therefore, it is now necessary to look at institutional reporting from a wider perspective. ""The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has introduced the integrated reporting framework to the international marketing for the purpose of disseminating this new reporting system." ERTA Executive Committee Chairman Güler Aras said that integrated reporting is needed for a multi-faceted perspective on future decisions.Aras said that reporting is motivating factor for companies,sufficient management and information sharing.Aras gave the following information:"Investors do not just decide by looking at the past and the current situation, they are investing potentially in the company. Your reports that you can give your company signs of potency ensure that your relationships with investors are longer."