Türkiye Materials Marketplace Project Network Meeting

Second meeting of Türkiye Materials Marketplace was held in order to sharing experience and information with project participant and companies keen on being a participant.

Rönesans Holding Sustainability Department represented in the meeting that is carried out with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) fund support and US BCSD (World Business Council For Sustainable Development) , Ministry of Environment and Urbanization collaboration.The meeting started with a brief introduction of Türkiye Materials Marketplace; Business World and Sustainable Development Association (SKD) Chairman of the Board, Canan Ercan Çelik said that, “Synergy of TMM has an importance to go into ins and outs of circular economy”. In addition, Mrs. Çelik stated that industrial processes in Turkey accounted for 14.27% of greenhouse gas emissions.Andrew Mangan, Secretary General of the US BCSD, gave examples of the importance of created a strong digital program and providing inter-company innovation in terms of sustainability.In the last part of Türkiye Materials Marketplace meeting, workshops were held to determine the different synergies among the sectors. The meeting ended after feedbacks, questions and suggestions.