'Women's Employment and Equal Opportunity Experiences from the Business World' Conference

‘Women's Employment and Equal Opportunity Experiences from the Business World’ Conference was held in order to raise awareness of gender equality in the business world, increase women's employment and establish sensitive workplaces.

Rönesans Holding Sustainability Department represented in the conference that is organized to share good practices, improve strategy and implementation tools to increase women's employment.

SKD (Sustainable Development Foundation) Turkey President Canan Ercan Çelik stated that althougt women making up half of the world population, women employement is low and  Turkey, which has low rank in the G20 countries in labor force participation rate, should make serious changes.

TSKB (Turkey Industrial Development Bank) Corporate Communications Group Manager Canan Coşkun stated that it is possible to increase the Gross National Product by 20% with the 1% increase in the role of women in the workforce. Companies that care about women's employment and equal opportunities for men and women are underlined that it will be possible to benefit from the fund created by the AFD (French Development Agency) and TSKB.

Women employment and equal opportunities projects of some companies, implications and their results’ reports are represented by Güngör Oduncu.The Project aimed that encouraged the companies that do not determined their strategy to take the first steps and give new oppurtunity for the companies that continue their activities in this respect.