LEED Processes

Rönesans Holding acts with a sense of responsibility for the environment and adopts sustainable strategies aimed at preventing problems that would endanger environmental health in the projects it conducts. With the strategies it adopts, Rönesans has completed numerous projects with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate, which is one of the most prominent certificates in the field of environment issued by USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

Rönesans, having embraced the continuous progress principle and the environmental responsibility mentality as an integral part of its corporate culture, is considered to be a pioneering and leading company in its sector with regards to designing, constructing and operating projects with sustainability principles.

Rönesans, acting with a sense of environmental responsibility, has become one of the prominent actors in the sector through successful green building applications. Some of Rönesans' buildings with LEED certificate are:

  • Russia’s first office building to be awarded LEED Gold Certificate: Renaissance Pravda
  • Turkey’s first private school to be awarded LEED Gold Certificate TED Rönesans Koleji
  • The first high-rise structure A Class office project in Turkey to be awarded LEED Platinum Certificate: Rönesans Tower (Allianz Tower)
  • Turkey’s and Europe’s first Campus Project to be awarded LEED Platinum Certificate RönesansBiz Küçükyalı Office Project
  • Turkey’s first hospital to be awarded LEED Gold Certificate Yozgat City Hopital
  • Russia’s first project to be awarded LEED Platinum Certificate Renaissance Business Park
  • The first shopping mall to be awarded LEED Gold Certificate Hilltown Shopping Mall Project”