Renaissance Pravda Business Center

The project was designed to meet LEED Gold standards. The Renaissance Pravda Class A business center is the sixth real estate project implemented in St. Petersburg. The office building is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, in the former St. Petersburg headquarters of the famous Pravda newspaper founded in 1912. A distinctive feature of the project is its unique architecture.The interior reflects the classical atmosphere of St. Petersburg: some balconies and street lights are placed in an impressive four-storey atrium. The Renaissance Pravda is designed to offer comfort and flexibility to its tenants, enabling them to plan their office space in accordance with their wishes and requirements. The Renaissance Pravda Business Center has become the first office building in Russia to receive LEED Gold Certification from the USGBC. In addition to this, the project won three prestigious awards at the International Property Awards ceremony held on September 24th, 2013, in London. The building was selected as the best office development project in Russia and the best commercial project both in Russia and in Europe.

Sustainable Sites

19 / 28

Water Efficiency

8 / 10

Energy & Atmosphere

22 / 37

Material & Resources

3 / 13

Indoor Environmental Quality

10 / 12


4 / 6

Regional Priority Credits

4 / 4


St. Petersburg / Russia

Contract Type

Cost-plus fee / Turnkey

Gross Building Area

29016 m2

Term of Contract

January 2011- April 2013


LEED Award

September 2013


70 / 110