Environmental and Social Management Procedures

Management procedures were established under 20 different fields with the aim of preventing, mitigating and containing the unfavorable effects on the environment and social life caused by the activities carried out by the companies within the body of Rönesans Holding.

All of the procedures were developed taking into account the IFC Performance Standards, The Environment, Health and Safety Principles of the World Bank and the international level best practices. These management procedures cover the design, monitoring and control of various applications, with the aim of prevention of negative effects that could occur in environmental and social aspects of the activities we carry out.

Environmental and Social Management Procedures;

  • Air Emissions and Ambient Air Quality Management

  • Energy Conservation

  • Wastewater and Ambient Water Quality Management

  • Water Quality and Availability Management

  • Stormwater Handling Management

  • Hazardous Material Management

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Medical Waste Management

  • Domestic Waste Management

  • Recyclable Waste Management

  • Non-hazardous Waste Management

  • Construction Waste Management

  • Noise Monitoring and Control

  • Contaminated Land Management

  • Topsoil and Subsoil Management

  • Dust Control and Monitoring Management

  • Spill Response Management

  • Vehicle Use and Maintenance

  • Fuel Handling Management

  • Disease Prevention