Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

Rönesans, as a UN Global Compact participant, protects human health and natural and cultural heritages while at the same time having a positive effect on all of its stakeholders, the local communities and the environment, through its Environmental and Social Sustainability philosophy which implementing in all of its projects. We believe that through the sustainable applications enabled through our ‘human, environment and economy’ mentality which underlies every undertaking, we can make a positive contribution to the environment and social life while at the same time providing long lasting economic benefits to the future generations.

We structure our organizations, management systems and application methods in accordance with all of the laws, regulations and standards in all of our worksites, in order to leave a positive impression on the stakeholders, the local community and the environment in all of the projects we conduct.

We, as Rönesans Holding, make a commitment to minimize any negative influences that could occur in the environment and social life, through the applications in our Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy, while at the same time aiming for continuous development in all of the activities we carry out.