Greenhouse Gas Emission Management System

Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which is one of the primary reasons of global warming, has become a focal point again, due to the Paris Agreement signed in 2015. Rönesans Holding contributes to social and economic sustainability by aiming to be a pioneer in creating awareness regarding the tracking of greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sector.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Management System is established for mitigation and control of the greenhouse gases which are created in all projects and operations run by Rönesans Holding group companies. The purpose of this system is the determination of all greenhouse gas emissions that could arise due to any and all projects and activities conducted as Rönesans Holding and determination of corporate goals towards monitoring of such gases by all group companies and prospective mitigation thereof. The projects and activities carried out within this scope are structured taking into account international standards, laws and regulations and the ISO 14064 standard. With the Greenhouse Gas Emission Management System it is also aimed to prepare periodic carbon footprint reports in the projects and operations.